The Advanced Research Laboratory(ARL) is a new initiate to support and facilitate the research activities in the area of Homoeopathy using modern and advanced analytical research tools.  The unique feature of ARL is the establishment of interdisciplinary platform to carryout advanced experimental research using sophisticated analytical techniques.  In ARL, various research tools available in the knowledge domain of nanomedicine, nanotechnology, quantum topology are merged with the same of homoeopathy to solve the fundamental and long standing research problems in homoeopathy.  This will help us to elucidate the scientificity of homoeopathic medicines.  By deriving the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics of homoeopathic medicines we can have a better understanding of molecular mechanisms and biological actions of homoeopathic medicines,  In this regard ARL will support the interested clinicians and researchers to collaborate over a cutting edge scientific research platform of modern research for the betterment and standardization of systems of homoeopathy.
Staff facilities
  1. Coordinator                             - Dr. Pradeep Kumar K.
  2. Senior Research Scientist ‘D’ - Dr. Nirmal Ghosh O.S
  3. Technical Assistant                - Mrs. Archana J.R.