Department of Practice of Medicine

      Dept of PM, Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, TVPM has the following faculties.

Dr. M. Jemini, MD(Hom), Prof. & HOD

Dr. R. Vijayakumari. BSc.BHMS, Asso.Prof

Dr. G. Satheesh, MD(Hom), Asso.Prof

Dr. G.L. Lakshmi, MD(Hom), Asst.Prof

Dr. G.K. Aravind Akshan, MD(Hom), Asst.Prof

      Practice of medicine is a clinical subject to be learned through theory and clinical classes. GHMCT is affiliated to the Kerala University of Health Sciences. Theory and clinical classes for the third and final BHMS students are being conducted according to the KUHS syllabus. Department is also conducting MD course in Practice of medicine which admit six students each year.

      General OPD’s is functioning on all days except Sunday from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm under the dept of PM.

 Monday Dr. G.K. Aravind Akshan  
Tuesday  Dr. Vijayakumari.R 
Wednesday  Dr. G. Satheesh 
 Thursday Dr. G.L. Lakshmi 
 Friday  Dr. M.Jemini
 Saturday Dr. G. Satheesh 

      All general medical cases including Respiratory, CardiWednesday's diseases, loco motor, neurology, pediatric, dermatology etc…are being treated in the OPD. A special OP in preventive cardiology is functioning on all Wednesdays from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, which offers treatment for lifestyle diseases like DM, hypercholesterolemia & high BP and other conditions leading to heart attack. Dr. Lakshmi is in charge of the Special OP.Baseline investigations including ECG and Echocardiogram are being done in the hospital.

      Patients requiring IP management are being admitted and treated in the 100 bedded hospital attached to college. The hospital has well equipped lab and offers the service of radiologist, physiotherapist, dietitian on OP timings on all days except Sunday. USG scanning including USG abdomen, thyroid, breast etc… and Doppler studies are being done on Tuesdays and Fridays by a qualified sonologist. Echocardiogram is being done on all Wednesdays by a Cardiologist.